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The webmail facility provides a browser based interface for you to send and receive email from a mailbox on our servers, ideal for keeping in touch when you are away from your regular email client.
Accessing Webmail
Webmail can be accessed at the URL http://webmail.a2ahost.co.uk. You will be prompted for the username and password of the mailbox you wish to access. The mailbox username can be retrieved from the mailboxes page. Enter these details and click the ‘Login’ button. Once logged in, click the ‘Log Out’ link from the navigation menu to end your webmail session at any time.

Viewing your Email
Click the ‘INBOX’ link from the folders list to view the contents of your mailbox. The date and time of receipt, sender, message subject and size are viewable. Click on the sender or subject to view a message. The various icons allow you to delete, reply, forward, print and download the message as required. Hover over each icon for an indication of its function. You can return to the inbox by clicking the ‘Folder’ arrow icon.

Composing & Sending Email
Click the ‘Create Message’ link from the navigation menu to compose a new message. Populate the To, CC (Carbon Copy), BCC (Blind Carbon Copy), Subject, and Message fields as required. You may include an attachment to the email by clicking the ‘Attachments’ button below the body field. Clicking ‘Preview’ previews your message in your web browser window. Clicking ‘Send’ will deliver the email to the specified recipient. Clicking ‘Save Draft’ will allow you to retain a copy of the message.

Webmail Preferences
Click ‘Preferences’ from the navigation menu to set your preferred options for your webmail account.

The ‘Display Full Message Headers’ option will include in the email the internet headers produced by the sending and receiving mail servers in delivering this message, and can be useful for troubleshooting any email issues.

The ‘Display HTML Email’ option will display content written in HTML or Rich Text format when you view the email. Disabling this option results in any HTML included in an email being displayed as raw text on screen.

The ‘Do not display flowed text formatted mail’ option permits the display of > characters in previous replies to the same email.

Messages can be sorted by Date, Sender, or Subject, the preferred option may be selected via the drop down menu.

The ‘Show Oldest Messages First’ option reverses the default setting of your webmail client and displays oldest messages on the first page, rather than newest messages.

You may add a default signature to each email sent using the webmail facility, simply complete the signature box with your chosen message.

Click the ‘Update Preferences’ button at the foot of the page to set your chosen preferences.

Notes On Webmail
Please be aware that as part of our system maintenance, designed to ensure continuous provision of high quality service, read messages more than one month old and unread messages more than three months old are removed from your mailbox. If you need to keep messages for a longer period of time you must download them to your system using your mail client or the download facility within the webmail application.

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