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Multiple Recipient Addresses

Multiple Recipient Addresses (MRAs) route email messages to more than one email mailbox. MRAs can be created and configured on your account via the MRA page.

Creating An MRA
Click ‘Create MRA’ on the MRA page. Enter the alias, the part of the email address before the @ sign, on which you wish to create an MRA into the text box. Click ‘Create MRA’, your MRA will be created. Any message sent to this address will be received by all recipients of the MRA.

Managing Recipients
Click the corresponding ‘Recipients’ link for the MRA you wish to configure in the listing on the MRA page. To add a recipient, click ‘Add Recipient’. To add an existing pop account as a recipient, click the “POP Account” radio button and select the recipient from the drop down list. To add an external email address as a recipient, click the “External Address” radio button and type the recipient email address in the text field. A limit of 5 external email addresses may be added to an MRA. Click the “Add Recipient” button to update the MRA. To remove a recipient click the corresponding ‘Delete’ link for the recipient in the listing, you will be asked to confirm the action before the recipient is actually removed.

Deleting An MRA
Click the ‘Delete’ link for the MRA on the MRA page. You will be asked to confirm the action before the MRA is actually deleted. On confirmation the MRA will be deleted from the system.

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