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File System

Each Windows 2003 hosting account has a home directory in which you store your site content and databases. When you log into your account using FTP you will be placed within your home directory. Inside your home directory there are two folders:

www This folder is the root of your web site, you should place inside it the web pages, scripts and images that make up your web site. You should call your home page index.html or default.html and place it within this folder.
private The web server and thus your scripts have full access to this folder, however the folder is not directly accessible by your web site visitors. This is therefore a good place to store any Microsoft Access databases or data files.
You may need to reference the path to your home directory in your scripts. We recommend that you use relative paths and take advantage of the Server.MapPath function in ASP. If however you do wish to use the full path, it would be as follows:

‘joebloggs’ being your account username and ‘j’ and ‘o’ the first and second characters of your account username. Note that when your account is accessed via the SSL secure server, the full path is different, see the SSL page for more information.

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