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Email Forwarding

Email forwarding enables you to forward mail sent to a certain address at your domain to another email address or a POP3 mailbox. You can create and modify an unlimited number of email forwarding options via the Forwarding page.

Creating A Forward
To create a forward click ‘Create Alias’ on the Forwarding page. On the following screen enter the alias that should be forwarded, this is the part of the email address before the @ sign which should be no more than 20 characters long and may consist of lower case letters, numbers and ‘.’ only. Specify where mail to this alias should be sent. Click ‘Create Alias’.

Modifying A Forward
To change the routing for an alias click the corresponding ‘Modify’ link in the listing on the Forwarding page. Make the appropriate changes to the destination of the alias and click ‘Modify Alias’. The configuration will be updated on the server.

Deleting A Forward
To delete a forward, click the ‘Delete’ link corresponding to the forward in the listing on the Forwarding page. You will be asked to confirm this action before the forward is actually deleted. On confirmation the forward and any auto responder active on it will be erased from the system.

Forward To POP3 Mailbox
All mail sent to the alias (the bit before the ‘@’ sign) will be sent to the selected POP3 mailbox on our server. In the typical email configuration, each person has their own POP3 mailbox which receives email addressed specifically to them. Generic addresses such as ‘sales@’ and ‘accounts@’ can then be forwarded to the relevant person within the organisation.

Forward To Address
All mail sent to the alias (the bit before the ‘@’ sign) will be sent to the email address you specify. This is ideal if you already have an email account elsewhere as there is no need to change your email client settings and you can receive email sent to both your original and new addresses.

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