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Auto Responders

An auto responder will send a standard text message to anyone who sends an email to an address at your domain that you specify. Applications for auto responders include sending confirmations of orders and letting clients know if you are out of the office.

Your auto responders can be set up and modified using the Auto Responders page.

Creating An Auto Responder
To create an auto responder click ‘Create Auto Responder’ on the Auto Responders page. Select the email address that you wish to apply the auto responder to from the drop down list, note that the email address must first be defined as a mailbox or forward before an auto responder can be applied to it. Enter the subject of the auto response and the body of the email, you can place ‘%S’ anywhere in here which will be replaced with the subject of the original message in the response. Click ‘Create Auto Responder’ to apply the auto responder. When an email is sent to the address you specified, the reply which you entered with be returned to the sender. The original message will be routed normally to the mailbox or destination of the forward active on that address.

Modifying An Auto Responder
To change the configuration for an auto responder click the corresponding ‘Modify’ link in the listing on the Auto Responders page. Make the appropriate changes to the auto responder and click ‘Modify Auto Responder’. The configuration will be updated on the server.

Deleting An Auto Responder
To delete an auto responder, click the ‘Delete’ link corresponding to it in the listing on the Auto Responders page. You will be asked to confirm this action before the auto responder is actually deleted. On confirmation the auto responder will be removed from the address.

Notes On Auto Responders
Note that an auto responder will not reply to the same sender more that once every hour. This is necessary to avoid recurring bounces caused by unsolicited mail with invalid return addresses.

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