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Microsoft .NET is a suite of software technologies for quickly building and deploying, fast and reliable, interconnected web applications. The rich class library of the .NET framework means features which were once difficult to implement can now be added in just a few lines of code. ASP.NET enables you to harness the power of the Microsoft .NET framework in your web site pages.

To run an ASP.NET application on your site, first visit the ASP.NET page to verify that ASP.NET is installed on your account. Our servers support ASP.NET pages written in Visual Basic, Jscript and C Sharp with the server default being Visual Basic. ASP.NET pages must have the file extension .aspx. Your default pages can be called index.aspx or default.aspx.

Server Configuration
Values for frequently requested parameters and server configuration options are shown in the table below.

.NET Framework Version 1.1.4322
Execution Timeout 20 seconds
Web.Config Options The following sections can be defined in your web.config file. Sections not listed here cannot be used.
<pages />
<customErrors />
<globalization />
<authentication />
<authorization />
<sessionState />
<clientTarget />
<browserCaps />
Security Policy A custom run time security policy is in effect, the following permissions are granted to your ASP.NET applications.
File IO
SQL Client
Web Access

Debugging ASP.NET applications
Our servers are configured to send detailed error messages to the browser window, these error messages can be used to identify errors in your ASP.NET code. In order to see these error messages you may need to turn off your web browser’s internal error handling. For example, in Internet Explorer, this can be accomplished via the Advanced tab of the Internet Options menu. Due to the load placed on the server, ASP.NET applications cannot be traced or debugged on our servers.

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